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A TV Sponsorship ad that outperformed the TV Ad.

This 5 episode TV Sponsorship  was so successful it not only outperformed a TV ad for the same brand, the Client simply had to go offline with the sponsorship ad for a while to keep up with the demand for their product. The sponsorship was continued for several seasons and adapted to other Scandinavian countries.

A sponsorship is much more restricted than a normal TV Ad, Usually it is not allowed to make pay off´s, or to glorify the product in any way. We transformed the product it self to be the Pay Off.

I am also convinced that by using such nerdy and black humor we appealed directly and individually to each segment in the target group. With only 10 seconds to tell a story one needs to think simple – There is not much time to build up tension or atmosphere.

10 applicable ideas was created, from which 5 was chosen.

The translated message is roughly:

“For what you just are missing”.