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Thank You! in Copenhagen hired me to create the essential digital image collages for each MTV breaker. The digital collages was used as basis to produce the MTV “20:00” stop motion breakers. TY created the idea and made test on one breaker then several more breakers had to be created.  Into the process, when the Motion+3D method the looks was well established, the collage elements could be more freely manipulated directly in the motion process.

Thank You!: MTV “20:00”When creating this set of stop-motion breakers for MTV Scandinavia, we used a simple idea and advanced techniques to create energetic youthful appeal for a variety of niche programming. Starting with a simple animated cuckoo clock, we let magic out of the box every time the clock struck the hour and out popped unexpected items, maybe long lost and rediscovered in boxes packed long ago. We blended these ornate and odd items into spirited animations with a variety of changing themes.