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    Concept Design / Art Direction
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    Popular Mechanics

Џ Popular Mechanics wanted to create a fictonal future Cover dated 2105. Joining up with the brothers Jesper Banner and Thomas Banner, (both 3D and compositing specialist) to solve the job. I created some rough design sketches, backed up by a conceptual description of the space ship that should cover the Story “Beat the speed of light”. Popular Mechanics liked the ideas and we continued the development.


Speed of light Ship Design

I did not want to design a huge ship with big flaming engines, but rather indicating something that was propelled by a yet unknown technology – (perhaps: Antigravitational Magnetic Propulsion Light Drive).  Traveling at the speed of light or beyond must be feeling like time is standing still, and I wanted the pilot to have a relaxed control position, almost like being in a meditative state. Apart from making the Lightship design and Art Direction, some instrument panels design was needed – Great fun.

Jesper Banner

Thomas Banner